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How often should you service your car?

Many car owners will ask themselves this question, especially when they buy a new or second-hand vehicle. The short answer is that each car manufacturer has a recommendation for levels of service, and depending on your mileage and how regularly you use your car, they may suggest having a service after so many miles, or so many months of driving – whichever comes first.

So for example, a high mileage driver will have their car serviced much more often than someone who doesn’t drive so many miles. If you are concerned about a second-hand car you have just purchased, check theservice record to see when the car was last serviced, and book your car in for one if it will bring you peace of mind.

Some motorists also wonder if they should get the oil and oil filter changed regularly, or between regular services. More often than not this should not be a concern to you if you stick to your car manufacturers service schedule, and can sometimes be a waste of money and effort when it is not needed. Just stick to your recommended service interval and you should be fine.


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