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How to pick your tires for winter

It is important to have the right tires for winter in case another cold snap happens and it results in us being covered in several layers of snow or our roads caked with black ice. Firstly you’ll need to make…

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Important! How to Beat the Snow this winter in Ireland

In the last few winters, Ireland has got a bashing in terms of polar like weather. Winter can be a risky time for motorists especially in the snow, it is vital to keep in mind that safety comes first and…

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How to handle a car breakdown

Breakdowns mostly happen when their least expected and are always a pain. However, if you could do some preparation you can make life easier for yourself. The situation, of course, does slightly vary depending on where this breakdown happens and what’s…

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Parallel Parking Tips

Parallel parking can be tricky at times but making sure to follow the instructions to the bone is important, as often our worries about being too close or in the wrong position screws it up for us. Drive around until…

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Survive the storm! Scandinavian-style tips for your car

In Ireland, traffic grinds to a halt as soon as a few flakes fall but when it snows in Scandinavia, traffic generally runs as usual. But being snow-ready is something deeply ingrained in the Scandinavian psyche and there are laws…

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Vital! Some practical tips on how to handle Potholes!

How potholes occur: Potholes appear in winter and temperature drops when ice and running water disrupt the soil layer beneath the road surface.  Cars driving over these weak spots in the road cause the top layer to deform, crack and…

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European Car Hire

  Ever wonder how and what you need to hire a car when you’re in continental Europe? Don’t get bogged down by the confusing rates and other details not accustomed to us here in Ireland.  Heres the first things to…

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How to clear your Headlights

Driving takes your car to many different locations and exposes it to different weather. This wears down the car deteriorating it aesthetically but also damages its functions. The headlights are an important part of the car to ensure your safety…

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There’s more to Winter driving than the basics.

Winter brings with it a lot of extra challenges for road users, whether it’s snow, ice or low light conditions. Lots of people will be back on the road again now that the Christmas Holidays are over. We’ve broken down…

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Mechanic Mammy

In  the motor trade traditionally a lot of males work as mechanics,however a smaller amount of women  do as well.One Women in the UK has started her own business Louise Baker(thirty five year old).Who launched a mobil service ( there…

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car dpf filter

Will My Car Or Van Pass The NCT If I Get The DPF Removed !

Over in England removing the DPF is now a MOT failure(this was brought in feb 2014).Sooner or later the NCT may well follow suit.Removing the DPF will make the car or van illegal for road use.You may also invalidate your…

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Ford Focus Bonnet Lock not opening?

The ford focus can suffer from the bonnet lock not opening.The bonnet is opened from the out side of the car behind the grill with a key.Theres a plastic star shape shaft that breaks when this happens the lock can…

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