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NCT side-slip/ test : Audi TT Worn Rear Axle Bushes.

 Audi TT failed  NCT test.

A typical question on Slip test from a forum.

 when I got the nct test done on my car it failed on “side-slip/alignment test it was – 20.0m/km on front axle it should be less 14 so what is wrong is it the tracking but i can t see how when you can go 100km and take you hand off wheel and it will still go in a straight line and I looked at the ball joint and there was no play in them or the bushes

This car failed on the slip test (tracking rear) for more info just click the link  NCT Vehicle Inspection Report – Explanatory Notes


The shaft is shown here with the Bush removed; there’s too much side to side movement on both the rear axle bushes.

When the new bushes are fitted, the tracking will have to be rechecked.


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