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Auto Trans Fluid And Filter Change

Mercedes on the ramp ronan kelly motors

If you have a car that has an automatic gearbox,its not a bad idea to change your auto trans fluid and filter.

Many Car manufacturers can have different service intervals.This can prevent future  problems down the line with autotranmerc1merc 3merc4merc5 problems.

In the photo is a Mercedes  e 200 set up.The sump or (pan)has to be removed after draining the fluid (ATF).Then the filter can be changed with a new sump gasket and refilled.

  1. The vehicle must be basically level when filling and adjusting the fluid level. Therefore, we cannot just raise the front or the rear to do this job.
  2. * Always loosen the fill plug before removing the drain plug. This can prevent a situation where the fluid has been drained and the fill plug may not be readily removed due to corrosion or seizing. We did do this,  When adjusting the final fluid level, the fluid must be at operating temperature (generally, about 140-F). This can be approximated touching the bottom of the fluid pan with your open hand. You should be able to touch the pan, but not hold your hand there. 
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