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Best places to visit with your car this summer

If you enjoy driving and going on road trips this blog is the best for you, I have some tips below on where to visit and some details about them. Please drop a comment if you enjoyed this and make sure to pop into the garage next time you’re in need.


Before you head off outside of Ireland it’s best we start with what you can do that’s relatively inexpensive. Donegal is a great place to begin. A good starting point for holidaymakers is at the Slieve League which is in fact even higher than more well-known Cliffs of Moher. From here you can head up through Donegal stopping at Arda and St. Patricks Purgatory. This is an easy place to just cross over into Derry also where you can visit the city.



Catalonia is an amazing place to visit and here at the capital of the region (or soon to be country?), you will find lots of tapa bars, restaurants, and fantastic architecture. First, you may visit El Raval which is going through a re-birth into a hipsterdom. Here you’ll find vintage fairs, edgy cafes and plenty of skaters. If this is your thing definitely start there. It is very easy to rent a car near the palace of Catalonia.

If your looking to change it up after visiting part of the city head over to Barceloneta which is a more Mediterranean beach holiday part of Barcelona. Here you’ll find your normal attractions such as aquariums and sea life orientated trips. This is where the beaches are and it is the best place to take a break from the city and relax in the sun.

El Gotic is the old part of the city and the original centre of Barcelona. Here you will find gothic architecture, plenty of cathedrals and narrow roads (so you may have to ditch the car).  This is also one of the best places for food so avoid the Anglicised La Rambla next to it and use what Spanish you have to get a fantastic meal.


If you love wine and driving then the best bet is to get the ferry over to France and go on a wine route there’s several to pick from that will take you through the picturesque French countryside and along the vineyards. Obviously there’ll be plenty of wine to drink on the way too. Check out the following:






That’s all for now, remember to leave a comment and to pop into the garage. Enjoy!


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