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BMW 3 Series E46 2003 Engine Fault.

Bmw hand feeling the slack on timing chain

BMW drove in running very bad almost like a coil fault.

which also goes a lot on them.Only two fault codes showed when I did the diagnostics

  •  code 2782 and 2865 (camshaft sensor exhaust and variable valve drive power limitation limp home mode.
  • Cleared faults, faults came back again.
  • Checked camshaft sensor and wiring also fine, Fuses et OK.
  • Removed rocker cover and found timing chain badly worn and guides/rails broke.

This cars timing chain had slipped and jumped on the camshaft gears.Thus knocking of valve timing and creating this fault, i.e. misfire and non start.

bmw pic of engine

Look at how much the timing chain has stretched!


This 2003: 3 series is out of luck; and the cost of repairs will out way the value of the Car, so it’s off to the breakers yard, on the upside it’s parts will keep some other 3 series on the road.

You need to think long and hard before you start pumping money into an old car.



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