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Elon Musk’s embarssing glass break situatuon at the Cybertrucks launch

On Thursday the 21st of November Musk revealed his new Tesla Cybertruck. He noted he is aiming to replace the classic American pickup truck that is so popular in US culture across many states — looking at this model however its hard to imagine the current market of pickup drivers going for this; ultra-futuristic, “cyberpunk”, tech look that is sported by the truck. Needless to say that both the price and the fact that it’s running on electricity won’t be having the midwest or deep south states pushing and shoving to get a test ride.

Something else a pickup needs to be is strong, durable and exude powerfulness. Armour is actively what the designers and engineers went after, even though it does look like something out of an 80s Sci-Fi, it does look sharp. The wheels look fantastic, and the material based on eyesight alone would convince anyone that it could take a round of machine gunfire. Musk continued to speak about these elements; on one point, he consistently hammered down its strength. This was the glass. On the site it’s quoted saying about the glass:


Ultra-strong glass and polymer-layered composite can absorb and redirect impact force for improved performance and damage tolerance.”

The opening rhetoric was no different. It was followed by demonstrations of strength which were a fantastic and candid idea to give credit to Telsa. However, it’s all well and good until it goes wrong, not once, but twice a metal ball was thrown at different panes of glass. Both times it broke. Laughed off by Musk he promised and swore it didn’t break before, later tweeting a video of evidence but admitting that it’s something they need to fix soon.

So the glass might be the most significant issue at the moment, but will be failed target marketing be the biggest issue in the future when the Cybertruck reaches the market? Or will silicone valley execs opt for the cyber truck over their current saloon hybrids?


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