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Ford Scorpio 1998: Miss-Firing

Ford Scorpion Front-end

Ford Scorpio limped into me during the week.

ford scorpio 1998 image blue


Down on power.



A quick check of the following.

It’s always good practice to start of by checking the basics.


  1. Check spark plugs for tightness.
  2. Check condition of HT leads.
  3. Check distributor cap and rotor arm.


  1. Is there any fuel?
  2. Leakey fuel lines.
  3. Blocked Fuel filter. (Bingo)

Ford Scorpio blocked fuel filter

And looks like it hasn’t been changed in quite sometime.

I removed it and the inside was as bad as the outside.You couldn’t even blow through it.Replaced the fuel filter, and it was like a new car.

Another happy customer.


Ronan Kelly


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