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How to clear your Headlights

Driving takes your car to many different locations and exposes it to different weather. This wears down the car deteriorating it aesthetically but also damages its functions. The headlights are an important part of the car to ensure your safety and so you can see on the road, sometimes your headlights can become foggy or cloudy.

This means a more obscured source of light when you’re on the road.  This is how you restore your headlights to their former glory:


You’ll need to get a heat gun for this job,  adjust it to a middling level; something that isn’t too hot or too cold.  Then take your gun and gently rub it over the headlights gradually and evenly until the cloudiness dissipates.  Do this until it looks brand new. Then you should buff the headlights with a cloth, make sure it is not a course material as this can cause more permanent damage to your headlights.



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