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How to pick your tires for winter

It is important to have the right tires for winter in case another cold snap happens and it results in us being covered in several layers of snow or our roads caked with black ice.

Firstly you’ll need to make sure that you have your sizes correct.

The next big priority is a matter of differentiation. Are you looking for Snow or Ice tires? Remember back to how winter was in your area and the areas you will be going to, ask around if you cannot fully recall. Which was a big issue? And if it was both, then you may be better off being safe than sorry and getting both types.

However don’t mix and match with your tires, make sure that its all the same at the current time of use this can ensure the best performance from the tires and vehicle and stop you from sliding into chaos or getting jammed in a tricky situation.

Don’t just go for the best deals of the day, make sure you have lots of choices and you get the ones that are the safest rather than the cheapest.

Compare the ratings of each brand and pay attention to the traction grade and temperature grade, make sure you know how the tires will hold up in the harsh conditions.

Once again we wish you a very happy Christmas and want you to stay safe for the remainder of 2018 and 2019 also. Thanks from all of us at Ronan Kelly Motors.


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