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How to quickly clean your car interior

Heres a top guide to getting your car cleaned in about 15-20 minutes for those of you on a tight schedule.

Spritz the cup holders with glass cleaner and then leave it for a while. Get the bulky rubbish or dirt up and toss it into a plastic bag or small bin. This way you get everything up that could prevent further cleaning.

Using some car cleaning wipes, clean the dashboard, centre console, inside door pockets, steering wheel, and gearshift.

If you think it necessary, spray air-conditioner treatment into the air vents below the windshield and let sit.

If you have leather seats also wipe them down.

Wrap a wipe around the end of a flat-head screwdriver (or anything else that works), and run it over the buttons and switches on the dashboard. Wipe out the cup holders with tissues.

Spray glass cleaner on towels or tissues and wipe all the windows, including the windshield, sunroof, and rear window.

Remove the floor mats and bang them outside to remove any heavy dirt.

On the driveway, hoover the floor mats with the bare hose of a hand vac for maximum power (do not attach a tool). Hoover the seat upholstery and footwells, shifting the front seats fully forward, then back, to hit every spot.

Replace the mats and return the seats to their original positions. Open all the doors and let the fresh air blow through.

We hope that worked out well for you and we hope to see you soon at Ronan Kelly Motors!

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