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Important! How to Beat the Snow this winter in Ireland

In the last few winters, Ireland has got a bashing in terms of polar like weather. Winter can be a risky time for motorists especially in the snow, it is vital to keep in mind that safety comes first and foremost. Ice and snow can cause unprecedented traffic accidents which will have an impact forever, rather you should take precaution than rushing or driving without proper attention or protection. Here are some tips from us at Ronan Kelly Motors to keep you safe this seasonal period:

Snow Tires:

Snow or Winter tires work due to the larger gaps in the treads on the tires, you can also get metal studs that protrude from the tire on some types. This would benefit for the very reason that driving on black ice or in snow can be less anxiety-inducing knowing that you have prepared and are driving with the safest, most suited tires. Ronan Kelly Motors recommends that you purchase your tires for winter soon, as when a snowstorm hits Ireland it may be too late to go out and get them.

Anti-Freeze/ Coolant:

These act as a way of keeping important parts of your car working in the freezing temperatures. Coolant does the same job as Anti-Freeze but is probably more suited to the cold in Ireland. However Anti-Freeze is a more heavy duty performer when it comes to this need in the winter, and perhaps would be best suited when we have heavy snow. Next time you get your car serviced at Ronan Kelly Motors make sure to ask any member of staff for a recommendation on what to use.

Snow Shovel:

A snow shovel may seem over the top for winter in Ireland but if a blizzard has a drastic effect on the landscape and we are once again coated with a few centimeters of snow your risk of being stuck is high. Even considering having another in your home so that you can access your vehicle if it is caked in snow would be wise. It could be quite a horrendous situation to be caught in the snow with no sign of help without a snow shovel to dig yourself out.

Ice Scraper:

It is common knowledge that even when it doesn’t snow we often have rain and then that water turns to frost at night, it is a common issue during winter in Ireland. It is always handy to have an ice scraper at the ready and if at home one would recommend boiling the kettle a few minutes before you leave for work so that you can pour it over the windows then get to work on the stubborn parts with the scraper.

Once again we at Ronan Kelly Motors hope this has helped and we wish you a happy and prosperous Christmas and remember always stay safe driving. The best way to stay safe is to look after your vehicle and drive safe, so remember to get your car serviced with us soon.



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