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NCT not what we think!

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The NCT test has being exposed by RTE’s prime time!

prime time investigates logoRecently the RTE prime time show has shone a light on the national vehicle testing authority (NCT)  most people outside of the trade (Car Mechanics) would of thought that if their car passed the NCT test then it must be in tip top condition or at worst Roadworthy! But it has shown what a lot of  us professionals have known all along that there are far to many inconsistencies. We see cars passing that  have serious defects and lots of other cars fail on silly things that are not structural, braking, suspension, related.

This is one of the worst kept secrets in the trade.

I understand a lot of people watching prime time were shocked to see cars with serious defects pass.

  • Faulty shock absorbers.
  • Rust holes in structural parts of the vehicle.
  • Brakes, disc and pads with excessive ware.

We check your car from bumper to bumper at Ronan Kelly Motors

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How these cars can pass is amazing, at my garage Ronan Kelly Motors  we give your car or van a full check bumper to bumper and then tell you what you need to have it fixed, it’s then up to you to make sure that your car is roadworthy. The cost of vehicle repairs can be high and in some cases you’re better of cutting your losses and replacing your car. But the worst thing you can do is drive a defective car (Death-Trap) you have to consider the safety of family, friends other road users.

I Look after all my customers.

Here at my Garage on the greenhills road, I look after all my customers when you need a  Pre-NCT or DOE test. We will also adjust your headlamps and give you a print out of your emissions result, whether it’s diesel or petrol. Any work that’s needed will be priced up. I will give you my best opinion on work to be carried out The rest is up to You.

Hopefully this will lead to improvements in the way we test cars in this country and it is great that programs like prime time expose loopholes in the system.

Ronan Kelly.

Ronan Kelly Motors






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