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Vauxhall/OPel Omega Shock: Burst Through Mount.

shock absorber broken mount plate

This is not something you see every day! even in my busy garage.

shock burst trough mount opel omegaA good customer of mine who drives an Opel Omega got a nasty shock when driving home from work.

The cause of this problem is down to very bad roads, in this case a large and deep pot hole.It caused the shock to burst through the top mount and as you can see from the picture the car was crippled.

This was easy enough to fix, my customer; and I think he’s right,¬†will be in talks with the local authority about damage that was caused by a pothole and with photo evidence and a letter of complaint to follow.

You should always change shocks in pairs as your car can become very hard to handle. Mixing old with new will cause an in balance and in bad weather can lead to serious driving problems.

If you need any advice on shock absorbers just give me a call.

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