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Vital! Some practical tips on how to handle Potholes!

How potholes occur:

Potholes appear in winter and temperature drops when ice and running water disrupt the soil layer beneath the road surface.  Cars driving over these weak spots in the road cause the top layer to deform, crack and chip away. The holes in the road surface start off small but can expand and deepen enough to cause serious damage to your vehicle.

Pothole damage to cars

If you hit a pothole here are the areas you’ll need to check on your vehicle:

  • Tyres – sidewall bulges, tread separation or flat tires
  • Wheels – chips, cracks or bends caused by the hard angles of the hole
  • Suspension – misalignment (your steering wheel may be off center), broken ball joints, damage to shots or struts
  • Exhaust – dents or holes in your exhaust pipe, muffler or catalytic converter

Tips to avoid potholes damage on your vehicle:

The best way to avoid pothole damage to your car is to avoid them.  Although this is easier said than done so take heed of the following tips:

  • Keep your tires inflated properly as they hold up much better than ones which are under or over inflated
  • Slow down if you see a pothole but don’t break directly over it as this is likely to cause your car damage
  • Drive straight with a firm grip so as not to lose control
  • When driving over water, use caution as it might be hiding a pothole



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