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What to do if you collide with an animal

What to do if you run over an animal:

Most people will panic after hitting an animal. Statistics in 2017 showed that 22 per cent of drivers have run over a rabbit before, with around 12-13 per cent for dogs and cats in Ireland and according to the Wild Deer Association there are approximately 400-500 collisions between cars and deer each year. It’s not something that people think too much about, but if you do run over an animal what do you do?

Firstly here are some tips on avoiding a collision in the first place:

  • Most animals are active between sunset and midnight, as well as the hours shortly before and after sunrise, and this is when most collisions with animals happen. So be extra vigilant around these times. When you see an animal warning sign, reduce your speed and stay alert.
  • If you see green coloured reflections near the roadside slow down as they may be the eyes of a deer reflecting the headlights. Moreover, if you see one deer be aware that more may follow.
  • If you come across a large animal in the road, dip your headlights – the full beam may cause the animal to freeze.
  • Honk your horn. One long blast of the car horn will scare deer off the road and honking will also alert other nearby drivers to be vigilant.

Heres what to do if you do happen to collide with an animal:

  • Always keep your local rescue centre’s number in your phone. If you hit an animal its a good idea to stay calm and call the rescue centre at an appropriate time for assistance and advice.
  • Cover the animal with a blanket or something warm, try to avoid animals if they could be dangerous such as a deer.
  • Only offer water, no other fluids. Do not feed the animal.
  • Wild animals won’t be comforted by human contact, so trying to calm them by talking to them and rubbing them will only serve to stress them out.
  • If it’s a domestic animal, you have more of a chance of comforting them; however, still, avoid them if you think they could be dangerous, remember that the animal is hurt and confused.
  • Try to identify the pet owner and contact them when possible.
  • Set your self up in a position where you can guide other cars through and alert them of the situation, call the garda as soon as you can.
We hope you never #have to go through this experience but if you do make sure to get your car checked out and fixed up afterwards at Ronan Kelly Motors!

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