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Friendly service with more benefits.

At Ronan Kelly Motors, we provide a fast reliable service to all makes of cars and vans.

From fault finding to servicing, gearboxes, clutches, pre-NCT checks and general auto repair work (wheel balancing, hands free mobile phone car kits and much more).

Please check out our blogs on this site, we’ve loads of tips and info on repair jobs, that have been carried out.

With over twenty five years experience in the motor industry working on all the major Car Brands like Audi, VW, Mazda, Mercedes, Opel, Renault and Ford Specialist.

We have a fully equipped workshop with customer friendly staff. We are garage that you can trust and rely on for all your motoring needs.

We offer very competitive rates, great backup service and special offers. Contact Us now to get a quote or book your next service.

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Expert Team

Auto Service

All brands and models


Manual, Automatic, Hybrid and Fully Electric Vehicles

Auto Inspection

General Inspection, Full Inspection and Pre – NCT

Our Service

Best place to get your car or van repaired

  • Brake’s, Balancing, Wheels

  • Transmission, Clutch and Gearbox Repairs

  • Engine Diagnostics

  • Routine Maintenance


  • Car and Van Servicing

Some of the many manufacturers that we service:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Toyota
  • Land Rover
  • Volkswagen
  • Honda
  • Skoda
  • Citroen
  • Nissan
  • Renault
  • Mercedes
  • Volvo
  • Mazda
  • Hyundai
  • Seat
  • Opel
  • Mini
  • Lexus
  • Fiat
  • Peugeot
What we offer

Let us take car service seriously

Free Safety Check

A five-point auto health check We take our automobiles for granted since they are so important in our lives. So keep in mind that even though your car looks to be in excellent shape, there could be a hidden flaw that could cost you money down the line or even put you and your family in danger.

Free Safety Check

Brake’s, Balancing & Wheels

Balanced wheels will improve your comfort and driving experience. It will also prevent early wear out of your car components, therefore, saving you money. Research has shown that a small amount of miss alignment (1mm) means your tyre is being forced sideways approximately 1 metre every mile you travel.

Transmission Service & Repair

Transmission gears transfer power from the engine to the drive wheels. The gears are cooled and lubricated with a specific transmission fluid. This fluid degrades over time, and its lubricating properties deteriorate. Changing the fluid at the proper intervals can help prevent premature transmission wear and damage.

Engine Diagnostics & Services

Different components of the car, like the engine, spark plugs, the braking system and the steering wheel, are all tied up in one computerised loop.The lack of proper synchronization between these various departments of your car will trigger computer alerts. We at Ronan kelly motors identify and resolve these issues.

Routine Maintenance

The basics, like changing your oil, checking your tire pressure, and getting scheduled inspections and work done are like getting regular checkups at the doctor. They keep you healthy and give you and the experts a chance to catch anything serious before it becomes a major problem. With your car, that can save you thousands.

Hybrid & EV Car Service

Electric cars are expected to be more expensive to service and maintain than their internal combustion counterparts since they are packed with cutting-edge technology. However, because there are fewer mechanical components to maintain, EVs should require less time in the garage and have a lower financial impact.


The NCT is a check of the basic requirement at the time of the test. It evaluates the parts of the vehicle which are visible and accessible. In order to clear your NCT test, you will need to ensure your car is road worthy. We do a 67 point check on your car and provide you with a detailed report that will let you know if your car is ready for the D-Day.

Van Servicing

More comprehensive than any dealership general car service, our General Van Service is a way of regularly maintaining your vehicle at an extremely competitive price while still being thorough using only quality parts. From our perspective it allows us to get to know your car intimately and advise you on the priorities and on the items that can be left for monitoring.

Why Choose Us

We never compromise on services.

Expert team

We have a fully equipped workshop with customer friendly staff. We offer great value for money and a garage that you can trust and rely on for all your motoring needs.


Our customers have always come back to use with great feedback on the quality of service we provide and we take great pride in it.

Quality Sparepart

We only use OEM spare parts form our long standing trusted suppliers for any maintenance work that needs a part replacement.

Extensive Support

We treat our customer’s cars as our own and ensure all maintenance work and repairs are carried out in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Our work speaks for itself

What They Say

Work Satisfaction
After Service 96%
Increase in Vehicle Performance
Right After First Routine Maintenance 68%
Quality of Service
Feedback From Our Customers 93%
Quality of Parts Used
Longivity of The Parts Used By Us 87%


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Mon-Fri: 8:45 AM – 5:30 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

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