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What is the process when my car is deemed a Right Off

If your vehicle is a write off/total Loss

Firstly there are 2 types of vehicle write off/total loss:

(1) Beyond Economic Repair (BER) This means repairing your vehicle does not make economic sense. The cost of repairing the vehicle is so high that is deemed a beyond economic repair write off/total loss. Should you decide to repair the vehicle anyway (at your own additional expense) and put it back on the road, you will require a Certificate of Roadworthiness. This certificate must be obtained from an independent engineer at your own expense. If this certificate is not obtained, we will not be in a position to cover this vehicle. Any further queries in relation to this please refer to Aviva Customer Service on 1890 33 55 77 or your broker if you have one.

(2) End of Life Vehicle (ELV) If your vehicle has been categorised ELV (End of Life Vehicle) then this means it should not be put back on the road. As last owner of this vehicle you are obliged under EU Directive 2000/53/EC to have the vehicle scrapped at a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). Aviva will supply details of a registered ATF so that you can easily arrange to have your vehicle scrapped. The process • If you qualified and availed of one of Aviva’s Approved Repairers you are entitled to a 1 litre courtesy vehicle for up to 10 days, in the event your vehicle is a write off/total loss. The garage or Aviva’s car hire partner, Enterprise Rent A Car will organise a courtesy vehicle for you. • The engineer will normally contact you/your garage within 24 hours to arrange a time and date for inspecting your vehicle. Please note the timeframe is subject to change during busy periods. • The engineer will call out and inspect your vehicle or in some cases do a desktop inspection by viewing images of your vehicle from their desk. If the engineer deems your vehicle a write off/total loss the engineer will place a value on your vehicle. This is known as the pre accident value/pre theft value or pre fire value. • If you suspect your vehicle is a write off/total loss then we recommend you research the realistic value of your vehicle. This will help speed up the claims process. The engineer will make contact with you and attempt to agree the pre accident/theft/fire value of your vehicle. • The engineer will also seek definite offers for the damaged vehicle. The offer the engineer gets for the damaged vehicle is known as the salvage value. • On receipt of the Engineers report Aviva will communicate the following to you: Figures used in this table are for illustration purposes only. Any Settlement figures are subject to cover being in order and liability being accepted by Aviva. The figures below are inclusive of VAT therefore if you are VAT registered then the VAT will be deducted. Pre Accident/Theft/Fire value €10,000 Value of vehicle before the loss/damage. Less salvage value €2,000 Value of vehicle in its current damaged state. Less excess €300 The first amount of the claim that is not covered by Aviva and can be seen in your policy schedule. This is deducted from the settlement. Settlement from Aviva Settlement from the salvage dealer €7,700 €2,000 Combined payment to you from both Aviva and the salvage dealer €9,700 97042130.indd 1 10/10/2014 15:28 Salvage Dealer • The salvage dealer is a reputable person/business who normally specialises in damaged cars, either to repair, strip for parts or in the case of your car being an End of Life Vehicle (ELV) they will scrap the vehicle. • Aviva will advise you to contact the salvage dealer to arrange disposal of salvage as soon as possible. Any charges incurred due to any delay in disposing of salvage on your part will be your responsibility. Aviva will only cover storage (if liable) from the date we arranged the inspection until 2 days from the issue date of the letter sent advising these settlement details. The Salvage offer is valid for 10 days. Aviva will not be liable for any reduction in the salvage value due to a delay on your behalf. Help us to help you! • If you think your vehicle is a write off/ total Loss you should research the market value of your vehicle, so that you can agree a pre accident/theft/fire value on your vehicle, when the motor engineer contacts you. • If Aviva’s car hire partner, Enterprise Rent A Car supply the courtesy vehicle you will need to have the following ready: (1) You will need to have your driver’s licence. (2) You will also need to have a Debit/Credit card in your own name ready for the standard €1 deposit that is required by Enterprise Rent A Car. This deposit is used by Enterprise in the event you do not pay any parking fines, tolls etc. in which case they will keep the deposit and charge your card the extra amount. • If you are claiming from your own Aviva policy, Aviva will normally require the following to enable settlement of your claim: (1) The Accident/Theft or Fire Report Form. (2) A copy of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (log book), the original will go to the salvage dealer if you avail of the salvage offer. (3) A copy of the NCT / DOE Certificate (for commercial vehicles). (4) The original insurance cert & disc to be returned to Aviva Direct/One Direct/ your broker. *Further documents may be necessary and will be advised in due course by the Claims Handler. Aviva Insurance Limited, trading as Aviva, is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority in the UK and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules. Registered Branch Office in Ireland no. 900175. Registered Branch Address One Park Place, Hatch Street, Dublin 2. Registered in Scotland No 2116. Registered Office Pitheavlis, Perth, PH2 0NH. EMOMG11544 10.2014 (S) 97042130.indd 2 10/10/2014 15:28


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