Automatic Maintenance: Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Automatic cars are a popular choice for many drivers due to their convenience and ease of use. Unlike manual transmissions, automatic transmissions do not require a driver to shift gears manually, making driving a lot less stressful. However, just like any other vehicle, automatic cars require regular maintenance to ensure that they operate efficiently and safely. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different types of automatic transmissions and how to maintain them.

Types of Automatic Transmissions

  1. Traditional Automatic Transmission: This type of automatic transmission is the most common and uses a torque converter to transmit power from the engine to the wheels. It allows for smooth gear changes and can be found in most automatic cars.
  2. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): CVT uses a belt or chain to connect two pulleys that adjust to provide an infinite number of gear ratios. It provides a smoother ride than traditional automatic transmissions and better fuel efficiency.
  3. Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT): DCT uses two clutches to switch gears instead of a torque converter, making gear changes faster and more efficient. This type of transmission is commonly found in high-performance cars.

Maintaining Your Automatic Car

  1. Regular Servicing: It’s important to bring your car in for regular servicing to maintain its performance and extend its lifespan. At Ronan Kelly Motors, our expert technicians can provide a comprehensive service to ensure that your automatic car is in top condition.
  2. Fluid Checks: Automatic cars require specific types of transmission fluid, and it’s important to check the fluid level regularly. Low fluid levels can cause your transmission to overheat and lead to expensive repairs.
  3. Filter Changes: The transmission filter helps to prevent debris and contaminants from entering the transmission. Over time, the filter can become clogged and need to be replaced to maintain the efficiency of the transmission.
  4. Driving Habits: Your driving habits can also affect the longevity of your automatic transmission. Avoid excessive acceleration and sudden stops as they can put unnecessary strain on your transmission and cause it to wear out faster.

Maintaining your automatic car is essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Regular servicing, fluid checks, filter changes, and responsible driving habits can help you avoid expensive repairs and keep your car on the road for years to come. At Ronan Kelly Motors, we’re here to help you maintain your automatic car with our expert service and repair team. So, if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.



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