How to Drive During A Storm

First and foremost I’d like to say that if avoidable you should never drive in a storm or thunderstorm for that matter. It’s highly dangerous and is not worth doing unless theres some sort of emergency at hand. Having said that I’d also like to say its a bittersweet week after not getting the “ex-storm Lorenzo” allot of us were hoping for as to get a night in the pub on Wednesday and a day off on Thursday. However, it does spark the interest of how can you drive in a storm if you absolutely needed too…

Step 1:

So you’ve pdered the idea of staying somewhere for the night or day and discovered it just isn’t possible or theres an emergency where you need to get home ASAP. First and for most, after deciding to drive through this storm you’ll need to get your facts straight; get onto the internet, put on the weather and news and keep up to date. If they tell you it’s impossible to drive on the coastline at the moment in the region your in then don’t do it you’re not Aquaman. 

Step 2:

Get the right vehicle. Don’t drive your motorbike tonight, nor your convertible, and definitely not your golf cart. You’ll need something solid between you and outside elements, it’s not only because of rain and hail but think about debris, like rocks, signposts, trees and their branches. Be smart, be safe.

Step 3:

Check your vehicle. Yes you’ve been told to do this before and it’s just not possible to check the vehicle before you drive every time, and it’s not done by many. However this is a storm, one fault is a serious matter, you don’t want to get into a crash or be stranded knee-deep in mud and cow poo just because you didn’t check everything was working. Also, remember that other people are out there driving too why cause them damage by avoiding a full vehicle check.

Step 4:

It’s time to fill the tank, you don’t know if the petrol stations ahead are working or open during this horrific weather. This is also a good time to buy in what you need for home but also for the case that you may get stranded. Torches, blankets, food, water, coffee, first aid kit, all of these things will be a life safer and much appreciated by your future self in the case of you getting lost, into an accident or having a breakdown.

Step 5:

Make a call, send a text to do what you have to. Make sure people know where you’re going and when to expect you so they can check up on you if the signal still exists where you are going. This way you don’t just go missing and if you don’t turn up in 24 hours a search party can be sent to help you. It’ll also put the mind of your significant other at rest.

Step 6:

Drive safe: exaggerate all you know about safe driving. Go below the speed limit, give extra, extra space between you and other cars. Do not drive into water whatever you do. Do not touch metal surfaces that could conduct electricity in your car when lightning strikes. Keep your headlights on. Pullover where possible if you can’t see that far ahead. Call for help if you can when you have an idea that you may need it. When the storm lets off still drive safe as it could easily return or driving conditions could still be dangerous.

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