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How to change a tire

Changing the wheel on your car is something you have to do when you get a flat tire. This is something you’re expected to know especially if your a man, but these days are different, and we don’t learn this growing up, so to prevent you from disappointing your father-in-law, we have comprised some instructions for you. Make sure to thank us by popping into Ronan Kelly Motors next time you need work done on your vehicle, we promise to provide an excellent service

What you need:

A jack.

A wheel brace.

A spare wheel.

Your vehicles owner manual.

Some elbow grease.

What to do first:

So you have a flat tire, the first thing you want to do is to make sure you find a safe place to pull over, make sure you switch your hazard lights on to cause sure other motorists won’t crash into you when you go to pull over and to alert them of your predicament. The next thing you want to do is apply the handbrake.

Remember to apply your wheel wedges, and if you don’t have any take your time to find rock or wood tough enough to do the job, you don’t want your vehicle crushing you.

Getting to it:

Use your wheel brace to remove hubcap then loosen the wheel nuts. Use your owners manual to see if there’s a unique tool, especially for this, but your wheel brace should work for your car.

Next is to use your Jack, use your owners manual to see where it is best placed, some vehicles have a plastic part under the car, which makes this easier.

Use the Jack to raise the vehicle about 6 inches upwards, remember that the positioning is critical, and you must ensure it does not go off balance. Never place any body part under the vehicle while using the jack.

Unscrew the wheel nuts by hand.

Now remove the wheel with the busted tire and mount the spare wheel on the wheel bolts.

Tighten the wheel nuts by hand, then lower the vehicle with the jack. You can now correctly tighten the nuts all the way. Make sure to test the wheel nuts by giving them a test pull.

Replace your hubcap or fit the old one.

And remember:

Spare wheels are not meant for long distances or high-speed driving, make sure to call into Ronan Kelly Motors to get the best wheel for you.





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