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How to protect yourself from car theft.

Crime has been on the rise over the last few years and one of the worst things that can happen to you is your car getting robbed and the valuable possessions inside. Here’s a shortlist that can lower the risk of car theft.

1. Protect your keys:

One of the best ways to protect your keys is to put a tracker on them. These days you can get a keyring that will hook onto your keys and if you ever misplace them or they get taken you can use an app to track it down. Beware however don’t pursue the keys if they were taken by someone who you think could do you harm.

Example: Tile Mate.

2. Park Smart:

This is a little bit more obvious however sometimes we don’t consider it as much as possible. Try and park your car in a public space down a laneway or behind a big building. As that is the ideal location for a thief to steal your car. As fewer people will see the theft happening and raise the alarm. When using a parking garage look for cameras or attendants and position your car as close to them as you can.

3. Use a tech-based auto recovery device:

In the USA recovery devices depend on digital GPS tracking of your vehicle, just like what we described with the keys above. However this time the device works with and for the police. Allowing them to get updates quickly and regularly to find or chase your car if it has been stolen.

4. Use a physical lock or protection:

Although it may be a hassle it’s a good idea to use a steering wheel lock as it will not only add another obstacle to the theft and allow for quicker capture, it will also put off the thief as they think about how hard it will be to steal the vehicle.


I hope this guide helps you out for defending your property. Remember to pop into the garage if you need anything done.


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