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How to stop a con man

It’s important that you don’t get conned when buying a new car. You’ll be out of pocket and when, if you ever do realize what has happened: deeply humiliated. Here are a quick few tips on how to stop yourself from becoming putty in the hands of a con artist or shady salesman.

1: How much do you like your salesman?

You must question yourself when you become to┬ástrongly like or admire your salesman. It could be very well the fact that he is a very friendly, enjoyable company and a great person. However, you’re buying the car or product, not him. You need to make this distinction quickly to yourself. Some salesmen are great at making themselves very likable however some will exploit this, ensuring that you trust them greatly they may skip the details or even you may not inquire about them as not to offend him. Always get all the information first. It seems like common sense but is often a huge reason why you might drive away paying too much for a car. So bear this in mind, don’t stop thinking because you think he is your buddy.

2: Are you under pressure?

We all know in moments of stress, fear or other very distracting emotions we don’t perform to the best of our ability. It’s absolutely no different when we go to make a purchase. Firstly you need to establish that your buying this car because you will use it, not simply because you want it. Some salesmen are very good at getting the buyer into a wanting attitude. This is dangerous because it will mean you’ll take something under pressure and could again drive away paying too much for a bad car.

One way this is employed is where the salesman says that the car is the last one in the shop, maybe their not getting any more in for a long time and if you really want it you need to take it right now at a high price. Another way could be to exploit the way we act in a competitive mode, to stimulate an auction-style setting, where we need to get the car before anyone else does. This could be done by saying that the car is supposed to be saved for another customer, but if you take it quickly he can try to distract his boss from knowing about it.

3: Did they let you take the car for a day?

Some sales companies will let the buyer take the car for a day under the illusion of testing it to see if you want it. While this very well might be the reason why you take the car you’ll also be encouraged to show it to your family and friends and drive it around theWhat’s. Whats happening here is that you are now going to justify the faults of the car. And even if the car is okay they may now use your comfortablity and justified reasons for having the car to start upping the price. They may say that they notices a financial discrepancy, or the bank may notice an extra charge. You’ll now go on autopilot and buy the car. So when you take a car away from the showroom, bear this in mind.

Well, I hope that helps you if you’re currently buying a new car or plan to in the future. It may even trigger some memories and remind you not to support conmen.




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